Chipping & Fire Mitigation Program

Sage Port HOA (SPHOA) 2020 Chipping – Saturday, June 6, 2020
(Annually First Saturday in June)

In an effort to clean up our neighborhood and promote Wildfire Mitigation, the SPHOA will again sponsor one chipping day in 2020, scheduled for Saturday, June 6, 2020 with Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP) performing the chipping. Those wishing to participate should sign up by May 29, 2020.

Under the SPHOA Chipping Program, the chips are left on the homeowner’s property and we count on each homeowner to help load their own slash pile as well as their neighbor’s. This is a great opportunity to help each other out and meet some of your neighbors.

Cost Information:

  • For SPHOA members there are no charges unless you cannot volunteer time.
  • For all participants that do not assist chipping day, there will be a $25 loading fee.
  • For those not members of the SPHOA, the chipping program will cost the following:
    • $25 per quarter hour chipping time with a quarter hour minimum charge. Chipping time is the actual chipping time plus a portion of travel time between jobs.
      B.T.W.: If the whole roadside front of your house is lined with slash, it will take about 15 minutes to chip it all (with enough volunteers).

Guidelines for Cutting, Collecting and Piling Slash:

  • Do not pile high! The best way is to “run-it-out” in a long low pile.
  • Place in an accessible area along the roadway making sure traffic or the safety of traffic is not hampered.
  • No branches larger than 12” in diameter.
  • It is not necessary to section up the tree, just cut it in lengths that can be handled easily by one person.
  • Stack slash piles with large cut ends of the branches pointed toward the street.
  • Saw branches to avoid “Y’s” at the butt of the branch that can jam the chipper. If you don’t think that your branch with limbs on it will feed into the chipper, then cut the branches off until it will fit.
  • DO NOT put out roots, stumps, weeds, lumber, trash, branches with dirt caked on them, or raked up needles and pine cones. Rocks, dirt, nails, screws, etc. can be hiding in these materials and will damage the chipper. None of these items will be accepted.
  • When locating your slash pile, keep in mind where you will want the chips deposited and don’t put any slash in front of that spot.  The chips can be left in a pile or distributed over an area at the roadside.